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16th August 2006.

Yesterdays Results
Waynesworld (Miracle System) came 1st, Tsar's Twist (lay of the day) came 2nd.

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

I must admit that I was a little worried about Tsar's Twist yesterday but that win helped a lot towards making up for the loser on Monday.

You never know one day I may get the "best lay of the day" but I doubt it!

Graeme is a very helpful reader who often sends in replies to question and information that may be handy for me to know and yesterday he sent in this.

"Just a quick e-mail to pass on something you may find useful. A week ago I wrote to Gary Russell who runs the gruss web site for the BF scripts.

I asked if i could commission him to write a Betdaq helper App to speed up the refresh rate on the site as the 30 second default is far too slow.

Surprisingly he wrote the app for me for nothing and sent it through to me a few e-mails to see what I needed.

He has also added it to his web site at

As you have been very helpful to me in the past when I have had questions about racing etc I thought I would give you the information so you can d/load the small app for betdaq if you use it and perhaps you could pass the info along to your other readers.

Gary has saved me a small fortune as I was going to send a bid to rentacoder for the work. Glad to say that is no longer needed.

Hope you did not mind this mail sending and I lok forward to reading you tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Graeme "

Thanks Graeme very much appreciated, I hope you don't all rush to get it, I would hate to be responsible for crashing someone's server!

If you want to get in to trading you may want to consider reading the Pro Exchange Trading Manual.

"What is best for each way betting, the bookies or exchanges?

Here is another answer to Mark's question last week.

" Further input on Each Way betting. A race commentator on one of the online racing services uses the phrase "each way thief" so frequently that I no longer tune in. The only thief is the bookie and punters are not as being as shrewd as they think by betting each way.

Imagine a race with 12 runners.

The favourite is 1/4 , the second favourite is 8/1, and the third favourite is 9/1. The favourite is more or less a certainty according to all the experts.

If you think that you are being clever by backing the 2nd or 3rd favourite to grab a place, then no, sorry you're not. You are not an each way thief, you are naive.

A bet of 10 points each way on the 2nd favourite would return 26 points, and on the 3rd favourite 28 points. In other words, odds of 3/10 and 2/5.

If you had put the same 20 points on the favourite to win, your returns would have been 25 points. Hardly a significant difference, for the increased risk you’ve taken.

The generous bookie has conned you with 3 odds on shots.

To get such miserable odds as even money, your selection has to be 10/1. “Each Way Thief”, most certainly. The only way to beat them is to bet your selection to Place only, or to put a small stake on it to win, and double on it to get a place.

You may care to use this item a day after you print my previous one if you want.

Stuff the bookies,

Thanks Richard for another good answer to the question, by the way his comments not mine, but if you have another view I would love to hear it.

See Yesterday's.


"The Deadly sins of Gambling"

Other Sins.


New (test) Lay System..."Nags to Riches"
We won on both selections yesterday.

W = 67
L = 11
% = 85 (one loss kills this)

Normal (this is the normal nag's to Riches lay system rules selection).
15:10 Beverley, Bo McGinty

New (this is a new version of nag's to Riches lay system rules selection that we have been trying).
17:10 Beverley, Dance A Daydream



Miracle System (win Bet)
15:40, Beverley, Key Time (Win bet)


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"Best Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
16:50 Yarmouth Border Artist (v4 Flat)

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o Todays sponser tip
The Golden Egg Lay Service

Selection 1: Salisbury 3.30 Alfie Tupper
Selection 2: Yarmouth 3.50 Tiber Tilly
Selection 3: Salisbury 4.00 Pictavia
Selection 4: Salisbury 4.30 Cape Diamond
Selection 5: Yarmouth 4.50 Silent Storm
Selections 6: Salisbury 5.00 China Cherub
Selections 7: Sandown 6.00 Holbeck Ghyll
Selections 8: Hamilton 7.50 Chairman Bobby

Jame's recommends a maximum price of 6.0 on the exchanges but he still shows all results, all bets are level stake lay.

The Golden Egg Lay Service

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Best of Luck


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