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Raj Patel's Racing Cash Machine

A review of Raj Patel's racing cash machine course this week.

If you have visited the site by now you know that this is not the cheapest course around and I expect the question you will probably want to know is "Is it worth the Money?"

Well there is no easy answer to that because it will be relative to your circumstances.

One thing I will make a point about though is that I am not sure this would be much good for you if you can not bet all day, of course you could use it weekends but it would probably take you a lot longer to cover the cost of the course, unless you are betting with large amounts.

I call this a course rather than just a system because with the two A4 manuals you receive and 13 cd's it feels more like one, although at the end of the day it boils down to a unique way of using the betting exchanges to make money.

The main A4 manual holds about 30 pages of information which looks at the system in detail along with plenty of examples of what you are looking for.

One of the things I here people mention a lot is that they are never sure if a person selling a system, is using it or not.

I think most of us who have been doing this for a while can tell pretty quickly when someone tries to fool you into thinking they have bet before, especially on the exchanges because there are certain things you only learn by actually doing it yourself.

One of the CD's which come with this course includes an interview with Raj explaining what to look out for when using his method of betting, it is clear that he knows what he is talking about and has definatly used the method.

It just makes sense because many of the things he descibes I have done plenty of times myself, so I can only presume he really has bet live, you can not really argue with his Betfair Statements either!

The audio is a good idea and helps you get a good feel for the information that is being conveyed and just helps re inforce what is written in the Manual.

As with any selection process and method it becomes very easy when you know how to do it, but this particular idea will take you a bit of practice to get it right. Raj has made a big effort to give you as many examples as he can, in fact 12 CD's worth of video files and an A4 manual with written examples, so that you can learn as quickly as you can.

Although I haven't managed to trial it as much as I would have liked a couple of things are obvious.

The first is the system is very difficult to use on flat racing and Raj does admit this when explaining the system. The second is that it is very difficult to get the prices that Raj shows on his site and most of the time I am getting nearer 1.40 or less, but I am not losing when I stick to the Jump racing.

This may of course just mean that I need more practice but I also know that Raj uses a technique that would be very difficult for most people to use, although not impossible, it is certainly something I could arrange but then this is my job!

As the Jump season is coming to close it does also mean you have fewer races to work with, but they do tend to go on all over the summer now so there will still be opportunities to use this method.

So is it worth the price tag?

The method works, but you have to ask yourself if you are betting at 1.4 to 1.6 how long using your normal stakes will it take you to make this money back, baring in mind that you may get some losers along the way.

Over the last week or so I have found I can normally win 1 to 3 times at a meeting but although I have had wins as high as 1.4, I have also had them as low as 1.03, but a win is a win.

I have never sold or recommended a system or method with this price tag, but if I was going to throw in a Saturday of my time as well, then that would be a totally different matter and I would have to say I would then be charging close to the same price.

So if you think that you could benefit by having a day with Raj showing you how everything works and demonstrating on live racing then it is worth the money, but I don't think that I could bring myself to say go out and buy the copy without this days tutoring, unless of course you see this more as a profession rather than a way to make some extra cash.

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