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Maiden win place system

Start Date: 31st May 2005

For some time we had been trying to find a win place system that would give us a high percentage of winners on the betting exchanges like

It was only after doing some resea they may have potential.

The only problem I could see with these was that the prices would be short.

Here are the results:

31/05/2005 20.50 Sandown, Bahar Shumaal, 1st
01/06/2005 14.40 Nottingham, Summer Wave 3rd (Because of NR's race went down to 7 runners, but Betfair does not change the place rule for this.)
02/06/2005 18.15 Sandown, Ten Downing Street 3rd
03/06/2005 13.55 Thirsk, High Heel Sneakers, 1st
03/06/2005 15.40 Thirsk, Jabraan, 3rd
06/06/2005 No Selection
07/06/2005 16.00 Redcar, Jaafi, 1st
08/06/2005 18.50 Hamilton, Confidential Lady, 3rd
09/06/2005 14.10 Ripon, Zabeel House, 1st
10/06/2005 No Selection

I Decided to change the selection method slightly to help find a couple more selections.
13/06/2005 15.30 Thirsk, Royal Power, 1st
13/06/2005 16.00 Thirsk, Grandad Bill, 1st

14/05/2005 No selections
15/06/2005 14.10 Hamilton, Aspen Falls,4th
These next 3 are not to the orginal system, but we may as well take a look.
15/06/2005 18.40 Chepstow, Battledress 2nd
15/06/2005 20.45 Chepstow, Holiday Camp, NR
15/06/2005 17.05 Hamilton,Without A Trace, 1st
15/06/2005 19.30 Nottingham, Mr Sandicliffe, 2nd

16/06/2005 System Bets
14.45 Newbury, Dahaaleez, 11th
14.55 Wolverhampton, Quote Unquote, 3rd
19.15 Beverley, Call My Number, 1st
Non System
17.05 Newbury, Aunt Julia, (more than 2 runs) 1st
21.30 Beverley, Ballygally Bay (6run 2 place pay out only) 3rd
20/06/2005 System Bets
None today
Non System
14.40 Ayr, Brazilian Style, (2 runs already)2nd
15.30 Ayr, King Alfie, (2 runs already) 7th
18.45 Goodwood, Prime Number, (2 runs already) 1st

21/06/2005 System Bets
14.15 Beverley, Unique Moment,6th

Non System
16.45 Beverley, Ashkal Way, (2 runs) 1st
14.30 Brighton, Daggernought, (6 runners 2 place payout) 2nd
15.00 Brighton, Miss Patricia, (6 runners 2 place payout, more than 2 runs)2nd
18.55 Newbury, Zavone,(6 runners 2 place payout) 1st
22/06/2005 System Bets
None today

Non System
14.50 Carlisle,Desert Realm 1st
14.40 Salisbury, Abide 1st

23/06/2005 System Bets
19.50 Leicester, Dizzy Dreamer, 1st

Non System
16.30 Thirsk, Maghazi,1st
16.40 Salisbury, Scriptwriter, 1st
20.30 Hamilton, Toshi, 1st

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