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Here is your FREE tip for today.

"Emperor Ross" gave us a winner yesterday even though it was 2/11!

6 in a row for "Turners Winners Galore", If you own it I hope you are following it!

Did you know that if you do own it, the likely hood of you still following after a couple of months is pretty small?


Don't ask me!

It's a fact, did you also know that if I gave you a map to find a "pot of gold" but it meant a trip to the next town and then you had to find a certain house, when you found that house you had to knock on the door and ask for the money, the chances of you actually doing the trip were very slim?


Human Nature...It takes effort!

Don't believe me?

How many "How to learn a language" tapes have you bought?

Apart from English and a couple of French phrases, How many languages can you speak?

I rest my case...LOL

But the truth is, even though you have a purchased a darned good system that will give you a constant supply of winners (That's what you asked for) you are going to give up using it.

It's alright I can here the excuses...
  • I had a couple of loosing days.
  • The prices are two short.
  • It's too hard to follow...etc, etc.
Well that's fine, so what are you going to now?

Especially if you cannot get the hang of picking a constant supply of winners yourself.

Well the way I see it is you are going to have to put your faith in a tipster.

Good or Bad these guys make money by giving you a constant supply of Horse Racing Tips.

You usually pay by monthly subscription which can range from about £9.99 to several £100.

What you get back will depend on...

A. How good the tips are.
B. How much you stake.

A, is something your going to have to determine yourself based on the information contained at the tipsters website.

Watch out for this...

I came across a site that said "We cannot show you our past tips for obvious reasons".


What reasons?

Am I going to be able to work out from your past results, exactly how you work out your bets?

Maybe you just have not had any winners!

Every site I promote or get involved with must give the visitor an idea of past results.

I prefer the ones used at Turners Tips or My daily nap, where the results are taken straight out of the results database, so you know they are up to date.

B, How much you bet will determine how much you win (or loose).

Most tipster's expect you to be placing a minimum of £5 a bet and in some cases £50 upward.

So if you are going to pay £100 a month membership fee, I think you should be betting a bit more than £5 a bet.

To be continued....

Have a good days racing.

Todays tip is from:

"One a Day" Race: 2.15 Warwick
Tip 1: Montana

This should be Montana race he has shown enough promise

Betting Forecast: 4/5 Decimal 1.8

Betfair: 1.66.

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Best of Luck


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