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"Teaatral" lost, there is always one to ruin your winning streak, seemed to give up a bit early for my liking!

Carrying on from a yesterday ...

I hope you thought about those questions I gave you yesterday.

So now all you have to do is find a tipster or system that will suit you.

If you have been betting on horse racing any length of time you will know how easy it can be to start chasing your tail.

What do I mean?

I mean instead of getting your own plan for how you are going to bet, you go off listening to different people trying a tip here and a tip there and then wondering why you are losing money.

It amazes me the emails I get from people saying this tipster is rubbish or this system is crap, but when you ask the question “How long did you try it for?” I normally get a reply, well the tips were so bad just a couple of days!

Well I am sorry that is crap.

Do you put your money in to any investment and expect it to pay dividends in a couple of days?

No, you know it’s going to be months or even years before you see a return.

And it will be the same with any tipster on system you try over a couple of days.

That’s why I am always saying make sure you have a bank that can take the good times with the bad!

You know I am a keen follow of David Turner.


Because he tips work!

Now I know there are those out there that will moan about this, but I really don’t think you have learned to use his tips properly.

I don’t care what tipster or system you use it will have a bad time at some stage.

I know I use a few and even my own systems that I thoroughly believe in will cost me a small fortune on some occasion.

It may be my background in stocks and shares, but I believe in the looking at the long term view, not what I will win or loose tomorrow.

Anyway getting back to Davids tips, ok I know he his is having a couple of problems with one or two at the moment, but if you look at “Post Nap”, “Daves Nap” or “One a Day” they constantly deliver.

But at the same time it’s no good following his tips if you cant afford a reasonable stake, you are not going to make much money with the odd 50pence bet and you are going to have to use a staking system.

And that’s why I asked you to look at those questions yesterday so that you can use that information to make your betting plan and choose the right tipster or system to suit you.

I am a fanatic and must admit that I place about 5 main tips every morning and then if I know I am going to be by my computer the rest of the day I have 2 to 3 other systems that I will follow that I know will probably produce some profit for the day.

I know what I want to make a month and I also know how much I am going to need to make that money.

Of course it doesn't always work out that way, but it does over time, I have the odd months when I need a lot of money to sustain my bank, then I have other months when I seem to be able to draw money every day.

But this is only possible because I have a plan I know what tips suit me and I stick with them.

Boy this is taking far longer than I expected so I will continue on Monday.

Have a good days racing.

"Turners Winning Ways" I still want to stick with this tip today.

Todays tip is from:

"Turners Winning Ways"

2.00 Newm
Tip 1: Razkalla
Tip 2: First Charter

Split a 50pt stake 70/30 nad place on both horse to "WIN"

This should be RAZKALLA's race but First Charter is an interesting challenger.

Betting Forecast: 13/8 Decimal 2.63

Betfair: 2.16.

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Best of Luck


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