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Here is your FREE tip for today - 30th April 2004.

Yesterdays Results
"Kingsdon" came in 1st so did "Dial Square", "Captain Hardy" was NR and the Bismarx won on the second race!

Todays ramblings
Don't forget to visit the forum always plenty of tips and ideas there:

Just got my bradband back, you wont beleive what the problem was... The signal was to strong for the modem, so they had to turn it down a bit!

Don't you just love technology...LOL

I will catch up with all my emails this morning, so if you have been waiting for an answer thanks for your patience, if I have not answered you by tonight can you gove me a quick reminder!

No miracle bet today

For those of you who are interested in Horse Racing games, I just had a new one come into stock yesterday.

  • 3 different game modes punter match, training game or jockey mode.
  • All major race types accurately simulated including handicaps, group races selling/claiming races and maidens with fields of up to 30 runners.
  • Exciting race sequence with zoom options, weather effects and overhead course 'radar' view.
  • Detailed and accurate Racecards for every race.
  • Dynamic real time formbook - stores up to 5 years of game results.
  • Realistic and statistically accurate betting model.
  • Dynamic race world with new 2 year old horses joining and older horses retiring every season.

I haven't had chance to play it yet, but it looks like a very updated Stable Masters.

Sorry about that plug...

Here are the links to the Saturday trials.

"Above all odds"


Drawn 2 Win

Stop at a Winner (Friday)

The big meeting this weekend is Newmarket, if I get any hot tips I will send a special email out over the weekend, but don't forget you can enter the latest forum competition...

If you do want some tips just ask the forum moderators, although I think johnful is on a stag weekend!

But there are lots of others just waiting to talk with you, so please don't be shy...

Just try it, you never know you may just enjoy it!

Have a good day's racing.

o The "Almost certain nap" (one day I will release the system!)
The "Almost certain nap" came up with:
20.20 Ayr, Kingsdon, Betting Forecast 11/10

I have been working with someone on a new system and would like to try it here for a while.

We will call it the "Miracle System" for now, see what you think over the coming weeks.

7.05 Lingfield, Dial Square

What do you think?

o Sponser of the day (please take a look you never no!)
'Use The Principles of 'My Mathematical Formula' on The Betting Exchanges and start profiting - NOW' ...... or use it as normal at your usual venue and win anyway! ..... either way with 'My Mathematical Formula' you can't lose

o Other Bets
My "Lay" bet from a new system I am working on.
16.40 Hereford, Captain Hardy, Betfair 3.05

I have written a small review for the Bank Vault Report.

INSTRUCTIONS. The selections represent a "lay ladder".
This means you keep on laying to lose until you hit a loser.
When you hit a loser (your golden Bismark for the day) STOP betting!
If the selection wins, ADD your TOTAL loss to your target for the next race.
Today we have one extra overspill race. If you are in any doubt as to the staking system you need to employ, Don't forget to stop at a loser!

14.30 Sthl UNLIMITED 2.7
15.50 Punc KICKING KING 2.3
17.50 Ayr SMIDDY HILL 2.0
19.35 Ling MONDURU 2.0
20.20 Ayr KINGSDON 2.2

please consult THE BANK VAULT REPORT.

o Todays sponser tip
No bet here tooday

Early Price:

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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