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Sorry about yesterdays tip, I only found out Newcastle was abandoned just before I sent the tip and didn't have time to choose another.

I had an email about my daily nap yesterday and what staking plan I would suggest to go with it.

That's a good question and in the example it was without one because there was no need for it to actually make a profit.

To cover 8 losers with normal staking was covered by a 50 bank but to use a staking plan then even adding your original stake to your loss (5,10,15,20 etc) would have cost you well over 100.

Since I have been betting I have tried a lot of staking plans and banking ideas some of them are documented at the site, but at first of course it was trial and error, the one I use at My daily nap is banking rather than staking.

Although I like to bet with the bookies money I always put a bit of money a side every month I can bet with and use it to boost some of my betting banks.

So in September I started with a fresh bank of 50.00 and stakes 10% or 5 per tip or 10p a point, by the way I do not increase the stake during the month only at the beginning, so the 10p a point stays whatever happens.

At the end of September my bank had increased to 61.88, so I carry this forward into October, but I also add another 50 to my bank which makes it 111.88

Why? well I am only using what I can afford but it will help me boost my stake and the profit.

This is a standard investment principle, to boost your return you add to your investment and to me betting on the horses is no different.

Anyway now I can stake 11.18 per race or 22p a pt.

At the end of October I have made another 63.40 and my bank stands at 182.28, I now add another 50.00 which gives me 232.28 and a stake of 45p a pt.

Up to friday I had made another 158.55 which added to my bank at the start of the month makes 390.82!

So you can see so far my staking plan is based really around a banking plan which at the moment suits my daily nap fine.

***Don't forget things can change ***

I will use this system until the bank is at a level that I think can support itself while giving a reasonable return somewhere between 500 and 1000 and then I will take any future profit and use it somewhere else.

If a system gives me this type of return over 5 months I will pretty much stick with it, and considering this is based on my own system I am pretty happy...LOL

The moral to the above story is to have a plan and the patience to follow it through.

Anything you want to add?

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I thought I would add another type of tip to give you some times, I am going to call it "Malcolm's Each-Way nap" unless of course you can come up with a better name.

As with "One to watch" it will only appear if I really feel that I have found something worthwhile and you should only bet on odds 4/1 or better. If you want some more information on each-way betting then check out this:

3.10 Southwell, Colour Code, betting forecast is 5/1

Most of the money is going to be on Benny The Ball, and although I think they are pretty much on the ball, I think that Colour Code is probably a bit closer than the odds suggest.

As always AW can through up surprises but I think a Colour Code is worth the risk and could surprise.

After all that I have just checked the early prices:

And it has opened at 5/2, keep an eye on it you never know!

What do you think?

Have a good days racing


**Todays tip is from:**

"My Daily Nap"

14:00 Sedgefield, Castle Richard

Betting Forecast: 13/8 Decimal 1.625

Maybe this should have been one of my "Ones to watch" it will be interesting to watch the betting to see if they change places.

Whatever happens I think this will be close!

Early Price: 15/8

Early Price: 8/13 that's dropping quickly, I thought today may be like that!

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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