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"Whereareyounow" Not quite sure what happend I suppose he just didn't have the legs!

Above all odds "Trainer Selection" came in at 7/1 on the same race though.

Do you have a strategy for loosing?

What do I mean?

Well it seems to be that everyone talks about winning this and winning that but with horse racing, you are more than likely to have to deal with losing a number of races in a row and you should be ready for it.

Let me give you an example.

My Daily Nap is using my “Almost Certain Nap” to help them pick their daily tips and have been since September (2003).

If you had used level staking over the last 3 months at £5 this is what you would have made.

**By the way this is using their normal nap only, not the “Short Nap” which is still being tested.**

September Profit £11.80
October Profit £ 28.33
November(so far) £29.12

Now I know for you guys out there who think you can turn £5 into a £1000 a month it doesn’t seem a lot, but if you were using a £50 bank then your investment would have grown by about 138% over 3months, et me know where else you can get that return!

But that’s not really point, to get that profit you would have had to sustain some losses on the way, which is why having your bank is so important.

In September there was a 7 day losing streak, in October there was also a 7 day losing streak and in November it was 8, but each month so far they have made a profit and by the way this has been with a mixture of odds.

This is my point could you handle 8 losses in a row before you gave up and tried something else?

Well I would be surprised if many of you said yes and by the amount of memberships that are cancelled during these periods it is likely the answer is no.

I have watched a lot of tipping services and followed many systems and they are all the same, in that there is always a time when you will have to put up with losses and this id why I ask if you have a strategy for it.

If you have paid for a system or joined a tipping service then you must have watched their tips before you started betting or they have enough past data for you to pretty confident that in the long run they are going to make money, but at the same time you must have a bank in place that is going to allow you to handle the loosing streak, so you can handle it and come out the other end making money.

Before you start betting make sure that you are confident with the service/system and that you have a bank that can stand a loosing streak.

Then stick with it, the losers at horse racing are the ones that don’t follow a plan but instead flit from one tipster to another or one system to another, their also the ones that complain you cant make money from horse racing.

Have a good days racing.

**Todays tip is from:**

"My Daily Nap"

Sorry no tip newcastle has been called off!

14:00 Newcastle, Bodfari Signet

Betting Forecast: 13/8 Decimal 1.625

Early Price:

Early Price: 8/13 that's dropping quickly, I thought today may be like that!

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Best of Luck


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