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24th July 2006.

Yesterdays Results
Pianoforte (Miracle System) came 7th,Carnivore (Best Lay bet of the Day) came 3rd.

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

There was a very good post in the forum on Friday about why you should only use level stakes.

Paulthepsychic make a convincing argument and it is one that a lot of people would and probably should agree with, but you know me!

Here is my reply.

An interesting post and one I thought I would like to get involved in "playing the devils advocate".

As per Paulthepsychic post I am not out to offend.

Although Paulthepsychic is well written and explains in detail why you should avoid staking plans, I see two problems.

1. How long will level stakes systems be level stakes and when do you decide they aren't any more.

2. By relying on level stakes we immediately give the impression that this isn't gambling and that it is very easy to win that way, when we all know it isn't.

No matter which way you look at it we are gamblers, (I know there are some nice new terms like "traders" and such) and as gamblers we have to asses risk and decide if we should gamble based on that risk.

The moment we try to ignore the fact that in the long or short term there is likely to be no risk, we are on very dodgy ground in deed.

Risk Management is the key to success and knowing what you can afford to lose. Most staking plans don't fail because they lose money, they fail because people haven't assessed the risk of using them and planned for when things do go wrong.

If you decide to use a staking plan then you have to look at what could happen and then be ready for it. If you then have a losing run bigger than you expected it can be handled and doesnít have to be a complete wipe out of your bank.

I am not saying itís easy but it is possible with proper planning and risk assessment.

Just like everything else to do with gambling experience plays a great part and Paulthepsychic and many others have decided that level stakes is best, my view is different and many people successfully use staking plans no matter what the statistics say, but you have to decide what is best for you and make sure you assessed the risk!

What do you think?


"The Deadly sins of Gambling"

Other Sins.

Sorry I will have another look at this tomorrow.


Ok after some more work on the "Mother of all lay systems" selections we have decided that the maximum price to lay at is 7.00 on the exchanges.

2 winners again on Friday.

17.25 Ayr, Walnut Grove
18.20 Windsor, Lilac Star,



New (test) Lay System..."Nags to Riches"
Both won yesterday, I wonder if we should just put half of our stake on each!

W = 51
L = 10
% = 84

Normal system
20.30 Beverley, Wise Choice

New system
16.40 Yarmouth, Fonic Rock



Miracle System (win Bet)
15:20, Ayr, Just Lille


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"Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
17:10 Yarmouth Tangarita (V4 Flat)

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14.15 Ayr, Voodoo moon

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