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Here is your FREE tip for today.

"Camlet" came in at 1/14 in the end which was a bit better than 1/20.

I was wondering if you use a staking system to help recover your losses?

Here is a little story to show you how powerful they can be...

Before you read this though bare in mind that it doesn't matter how good a staking system is it will not work without Winners!

On Saturday "Stop at a Winner" lost...

Yep the one thing Shaun and I dreaded, we had a full losing day of 63pts.

Shaun was pulling his hair out, because he could not understand how it had happened considering the quality of the tips.

But then the more we talked about it, we realised how silly we had been to really think we could have kept on going day after with out getting at least one full day of loses, look at the first day of Ascot last week!

We have gone nearly 4 months without one so I suppose you cannot blame us.

Anyway we decided the next best thing to do was see if we could come up with a Staking Plan that would help our members get their money back quickly.

Shaun and I consistently use staking plans because we like to get our money back as quick as we can and for some tips it is the best thing you can do.

If you are a members of Turners Tips then use "Daves Nap" and "Post Nap" with Davids Staking plan and you will get a good return every month.

If you can afford it do his "Daves two" or "One a Day" as well.

Anyway getting back to "Stop at a Winner", we sent out an email suggesting our members follow our staking plan for yesterdays (Monday) bets.

Now maybe we were lucky...

But the second race came in at 11/4 giving our members (who used the staking plan) a 120.35 pts profit for the day and so almost doubling Saturday's loss!

The point is really that the more money you can afford to bet the bigger the return, a staking plan highlights this fact.

Our members had a bad day Saturday, but I think we made it up to them yesterday, but even if they use a less radical staking plan, they will still make up their losses over the coming days because of Shauns consistency of picking winners.

Don't use a staking plan if you do not follow one tip consistently.

I see to many people losing money on the Horses because they do not settle into a consistent betting plan.

There is no quick buck is horse racing, as with any money making venture you ever come across, it takes consistent daily action and a plan.

Have a good days racing.

"Turners Winning Ways" I still want to stick with this tip today.

Todays tip is from:

"Turners Winning Ways"

4.15 Beverley
Tip 1: Opera Glass
Tip 2: Mawaan

Split your stake 70/30 and place to "Win" on each horse.

Betting Forecast: 8/13 Decimal 1.61.

Betfair: 1.25.

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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