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Here is your FREE tip for today.

"Manipulation", came in Last, it always makes me wonder when that happens!

The funny thing about Horse Racing is that one day you can be Jumping for joy and the next wondering why you bet at all!

Yesterday was a latter day...Everything LOST!

It wouldn't be so bad except "Above all Odds" form selection lost again as well.

Before I go on can I make a point about "Above all odds" please don't think this tip losses all the time, I am giving you a distorted view of their service, which consist of far more than just "System Selection", their "Form selection and "Ones to watch" are excellent and often give you very high priced winners.

So just because "Form Selection" has had a few loosers, their overall service produces a good profit every month!

Anyway our bank had a loss of 599.32 which has left us with a bank of just 313.27, not enough to follow the staking plan.

This may be a case of dropping the staking plan until we have enough funds to pick it back up.

This also shows how painful a Staking System can be over several non-winners.

It's Saturday, so its FREE tips day...

"Above All Odds"

Should be available by 11am.

"Stop At A Winner"

Race 1: 1:20 Beverley Tip1: Viewforth Stake: 1
Race 2: 2:00 Goodwood Tip2: First Charter Stake: 2
Race 3: 3:05 Goodwood Tip3: Tillerman Stake: 4
Race 4: 4:10 Goodwood Tip4: Baker of Oz Stake: 8
Race 5: 4:45 Newmarket Tip5: Capulette Stake: 16
Race 6: 5:25 Worcester Tip6: Wintertide Stake: 32

Don't forget to "stop at a winner"

Here are the tips for todays Investment System.

Race 1: 4 45 Newmarket tip: Capulette Stake: 340
Race 1: 7 05 Recar tip: 7 05 Recar Snow Goose Stake: 340

Dont forget: Bet only if you can get 3/1 or better and stake each way..

I am not sure if I will get chance to do this email on Bank Holiday Monday, so if it does't turn up, it's because I am spending the day with my wife.

Don't forget to keep and eye on Davids's "Stop at a winner" this tip is doing exceptionally well.

Have a good days racing.

**Todays tip is from:**

"The almost certain nap"

Not ready for the world yet...LOL
Race: 3.20 Cartmel
Tip: Perchancer,

Betting Forecast: 7/4 Decimal 2.75

Betfair: 1.87

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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