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22nd September 2005.

Yesterdays Results
Sanchi (Miracle System) came 1st, Keys Of Cyprus(Best Lay bet of the Day) came in 12th! lost.
Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

Well a mixed bag yesterday but it was interesting ti see the RacingPost RP Rating from the naps table winning at 13/2 giving a profit of £325.00 taking our £500 start bank to £800!

Another win for the Miracle System but the Lay bet a day was not good, it's always the same though when I put lay bet a day in this email and it loses.


Well first of all I think we would be silly to decide to lay RacingPost Rp as we know from the results that we will have to take a hit around every 4 selections, although 12 losers in a row is inviting!

On the naps table alone there are plenty of tipsters having very bad losing runs Newcastle Journal Underhand is one they have had 36 losers in a row and the best winning run is 2.

But for this demonstration I want to use Turners Lay Tips for two reasons.

1. The tips are well established
2. Some can be quite high on the odds side.

After some discussions David recently changed his staking plan in line with my own current thinking, which is to use a small percentage of your bank which allows you to use an agresive staking plan.

This is an excerpt of what he sent out to his members…

I have also been working on the staking plan to use and after talking with many people including Malcolm ( and have decided to use his most popular staking plan with this service.

The staking plan is easy and comes in two parts the first is calculating your stake which should be somewhere between 0.5% and 2% of your bank.

It's easy to work out…

With a calculator take your present bank (say £500) and them click the multiply (X) followed by 1 (or the stake you prefer) then the percent(%) button which in this case will give you £5.00

Otherwise just take whatever your bank is and divide it by 100.

The second part is a little bit more difficult and needs a bit of working out, and has some risks.

You may have heard of the Lay Ladder, which is a bit of an aggressive staking plan, but tends to work better with lay bets because we have a lot more winners than losers, so I have decided to use it for this service, but I have made a small change that I think will suit this service.

Looking back on the results for the 1st of January we have not had more than 2 losers in a row and when it did occur it has only happened twice in 8 months, which is why I am confident in recommending this plan to my members.

Here is how it works:
7/3; Runner Bean 9.22 Win 9 - 1 11.8 9.22 931.72
 8/3  Penneyrose Bay  9.32  Lost  11 - 4  4.3  -30.76  900.96
 10/3  Another Promise  39.77  Win  11 - 4  4.3  39.77  940.73
After a win on Runner Bean the next day we lost on Penneyrose Bay so for our next lay (using adjusted Betfair odds) we work out our normal stake 9.01 (1% of 900.96) and add the loss from Penneyrose Bay (30.76) making our new stake 39.77. We then win on Another Promise bringing our winnings back to where they should be.

But what happens on that rare occasion when we lose again?
 12/2  Prins Willem  8.2  Win  11 - 4  4.3  8.2   828.4
 15/2  McKeelvey  8.28  Lost  4 - 1  5.8  -39.74  788.66
 15/2  Victoms Chance  47.63  Lost  9 - 4  3.7  -128.6  660.06
 15/2  Terlan  135.2  Win  5 - 1  7  135.2  795.26
After a win on Prins Willem we lost on McKeelvey (using adjusted Betfair odds) 39.74, so for our next bet we take that loss and add it to our 1% of our new bank (6.60) making a new stake of 47.63, but unusually this time we lost again.

What we do next is forget the money we lost on the first race and concentrate getting back the bigger sum on the last so we add 128.6 to our new stake of 6.60 which gives us our new stake of £135.20.

Here is how it looks on live results.

There are risks with this system and I wouldn't expect anyone to use this plan unless they are very confident of my tips and it would certainly be better if you were using only 0.5% of your bank.

An alternative plan and probably much safer for many members is to use the lay ladder on the first loss, but if you lose again then use a strategy to get back your loses over several races.

Looking back on the past results it is clear to see that we very often get 3 or more winners in a row, so simply divide your losses by 3 and add them to the next 3 selections If you should be unfortunate to get another loss during this period, then just add it to any losses you have not made up and split it into 3 again, this method may take a bit longer to get your bank back to where it was, but you most certainly will.

Tomorrow we will discuss why I felt this change was best for his service and each point in more detail.

For now though for those of you wondering about the implementation of the lay ladder (which in effect is the Martingale Staking System), You can see by David’s results and probably many other lay systems, it is very rare to get two losers in a row and even rarer to have 3, so I think as long as you limit your maximum losing run using this system, it works very well with lay bets.

Have good day's racing.


Miracle System (win Bet)
14.20 Perth, Decisive,
Place System (on exchanges only)
8 Wins in the latest run.
14.30 Pontefract, Amy Louise,

We have tried to create a system to go along with My Mathematical Formula:
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"Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
16:40 FONTWELL PARK, Celtic Star (V4 Jump Slections)
I thought I would stick my neck out this morning and give you a test tip from the new V4 Jump system. So far it has had 6 wins out of 6.

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 so I will post the highest scoring selection here.

You can purchase the system formula:

Advantages of owning the system:

1) Pick more than one race a day
2) Bet on Saturdays and Sundays (no emails from me on these days)
3) Make a selection later in the day (normally more choices)
4) Password protected forum so you can talk to other owners.
5) UK or IRE races
6) Bonus Systems and regular updates.
7) Now on V4
8) 3 systems, 1 for flat 2 for Jump/Chase
9) Owners last got an update 22/07/2005
10) Now includes Lay Place System.
11) Now includes AW System
12) Now includes the Investment System
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You can also have this tip delivered as content to your own website...
o Todays sponser tip

As at 8 o'clock this morning the following horses were identified as within Bismarx range.
Watch for market changes before the race.
Exercise caution at odds over 2.8 or where non-runner's have left less than 5 runner's in a race.
Generally do not lay when wide odds disparity (3.0+) has emerged between the Favourite and the other runner's.
Quit when your profit target has been reached. Prepare for liability in advance - always plan your next move first.

14.05 List SHARK TOOTH @2.7
14.30 Pont AMY LOUISE @2.4
15.20 Pert MR MISCHIEF @2.8
16.30 Pont AAMAAQ @2.2

Bismarx & EIP market update: Tel - 0906 663 0456 (from 12.45 pm)

Betting Exchanges

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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