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Here is your FREE tip for today - 22nd April 2004.

Yesterdays Results
"Sungio" was not a good choice inly managing 5th and although "Your A Gassman" didn't win at the price he ended up at was a very risky "lay". "Beauteous" won for the Miracle system.

Todays ramblings
Don't forget to visit the forum always plenty of tips and ideas there:

Sorry it's late, My computer decided to give me a scare this morning' as if I haven't had a bad enough week as it is...LOL

Thanks for the response about the seminar yesterday, some great ideas and lots of support.

Over the next few days I will try and get more specific plans together so that you can see in more detail what I have in mind for the day, so if you have any suggestions then please keep them coming.

I am hoping to have some guest speakers, I may even be able to get David Turner to speak, he could probably do that better than he can use computers!

I know I keep going on about the forum (which has 200 members now) but I really think that is worth a visit, specially if you want to see what other people are doing.

mattsterrr is running a range of systems at the moment, take a look at his results here.

Have a good day's racing.

o The "Almost certain nap" (one day I will release the system!)
The "Almost certain nap" came up with:
20.15 Wolverhampton, Beauteous, Betting Forecast 4/5

I have been working with someone on a new system and would like to try it here for a while.

We will call it the "Miracle System" for now, see what you think over the coming weeks.

16.00 Perth, Full Irish

What do you think?

o Sponser of the day (please take a look you never no!)
Got a reliable Internet connection and a couple of hours in the afternoon spare?

Good! Let me teach you how to make £18000 plus, tax free, per year, at home, in front of your PC. No scams, no tricks, no MLM… and you don’t have to even like horse racing.

o Other Bets
My "Lay" bet from a new system I am working on.
14.10 Fontwell, Wasted Talent, Betfair 2.6

I have written a small review for the Bank Vault Report.

INSTRUCTIONS. The selections represent a "lay ladder".
This means you keep on laying to lose until you hit a loser.
When you hit a loser (your golden Bismark for the day) STOP betting!
If the selection wins, ADD your TOTAL loss to your target for the next race.
Today we have one extra overspill race. If you are in any doubt as to the staking system you need to employ, Don't forget to stop at a loser!

14.10 Font WASTED TALENT 2.6
15.20 Bev WISTMAN 2.7
15.30 Bev MONETS GARDEN 1.8
16.10 Font KROISOS 2.6
16.50 Bev VANTAGE 2.3
18.15 Wolv PEDRO JACK 1.8
please consult THE BANK VAULT REPORT.

o Todays sponser tip
Turners Winners Galore

Race: 4.00 Perth
Tip1: Full Irish Stake: 50

Early Price:

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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