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o Yesterdays Results
The "Almost certain nap" came in at 3rd again" "Mioche dEstruval" won though!

o Todays ramblings
I had a lot more emails yesterday about lay betting and the great news is we are going to have some lay bet's from a couple of different betting services during the week.

On Thursday (today) Jon from will supply his "Stop at a loser" tips!

This is cool and a great reversal on the normal "Stop at a Winner" that you would find at

Jon selects his members 5 tips a day (mon-sat) to lay on the betting exchanges such as betfair.

If the first horse wins (you lose) add whatever you staked on to your next stake and so on until your horse loses (Wins for you) then stop! We will also be receiving one or two tips a week from Jason who runs

His service is out to win you a £1000 a month and it is well worth looking at the results on his webpage!

More on lay betting...

When you lay a bet on the betting exchanges there are two sides to the bet.

If you win you will get back the equivalent of the stake you layed.

So if you put £50 down and the horse you "lay" loses then you get your £50 back plus £50 winnings.

On the other hand if your selection does win the race then your liability is worked out by taking the odds that you layed at so lets say 1.6 in this case and then subtract 1 which leaves you with .6 then multiply this by your stake.


If you layed £20 on a horse at the odds of 1.6 and the horse won it's race your liability will be:

1.6 - 1 = .6 X 20 = £12

Make sure you understand your liability!

The real trick of course is to pick favourites at prices where your liability will not be to great and the horses chance of winning are in doubt!

That's why you should pick someone who knows like Jon or Jason!

o The "Almost certain nap" (one day I will release the system!)
The "Almost certain nap" came up with:
13.40 Soutwell, Sendintank, Betting Forecast 4/7

What do you think?

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o Other Bets
"Ryan's Future " appeared to have a chance but just could not get inside the top 3.

Our other bets today are from Ahoy there, shipmates...
Here are today’s foamy fillies that look set to come a cropper.

INSTRUCTIONS. The selections represent a “lay ladder”. This means you keep on laying to lose, until you hit a loser.
When you hit a loser (your golden Bismark for the day) STOP betting!
If the selection wins, ADD your TOTAL loss to your target for the next race.
Don’t forget to stop at a loser!


13.10 Sthl WAR OWL 2.9
14.15 GowP ROSAKER 1.7
14.20 Ludl EMPHATIC 2.9
14.30 Taun FLEET STREET 2.9
16.10 Sthl MOUNT HILLABY 2.3

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o Todays sponser tip

"Turners Winning Ways"

Race: 1.50 Lud
Tip1: Ladveture Stake

Early Price:

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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