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20th September 2006

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

I have worked most of the weekend testing Greyhound Bot 2 which is pretty close to being complete now.

I have been thinking that I may allow current members who subscribe to the Greyhound Bot to use the new version without paying any more, this means that they have two choices of bot to pick from and experiment with.

The new Greyhound bot (2) has all the features of the older version but now allows you to select the runner (s) that you wish to use. If you pick one runner per race then you can still use the staking plan.

I am hoping that we should be ready to let some users have a look by Friday, but I will have to be totally happy with the testing this week first.

"Millionaires's Row" lost on Friday, although my friend sent me the selections for Saturday and we won again but the favourite just came in over evens so it was only a little profit, but of course I haven't used these results in our trial.

There are 3 meetings today Jump2 from Ludlow, and 2 AW from Southwell and Wolverhampton.

I thought I read somewhere that they were stopping Banded races but Wolverhampton is running them today.

The last couple of weeks we have been trying to find value in betting on the exchange place market. If you want to pick up this thread and read what we have discussed so far, then please go to the email archives here, and start at the 30/10/2006.

We finished that test on Friday so we now need to look at a new idea to follow so I thought we should continue on the place theme but really see if we could find more value, so I want to leave favourites alone for this new trial and look towards other runners in the race.

I am concentrating on two races today.

13.20 Ludlow, Return Home Place EP 3.3 (2 places)
Easily capable of coming in the the top two.

15.40 Southwell, Bathwick Emma, EP 3.3 (3 places)
Not sure about this selection but I would of thought she was capable of a place.

I am not going to reveal to much about the system for selecting these 2 runners at the moment except that they are both in the 3's price wise and I have selected 2 races where we have the minimal runners possible, for the place payouts.

Let's see what happens.

2. Guest Selection - started 23-10-2006
These are lay test selections from Thomas.
NO BET if odds above 9.00 at Betfair

Friday's (17 Nov 2006)
Asco 1445 - King Coal - 4th - SP 6/1 - Betfair 8.20 - won
Wolv 1550 - Bold Indian - 3rd - SP 5/2(fav) - Betfair 3.70 - won
Wolv 1750 - Catspraddle - 6th - SP 14/1 - Betfair 18.0 - no bet

Here are today's (20 Nov 2006)
Wolv 1330 - Montillia
South 1340 - Burningfoldbabe

Thomas is recording all Betfair prices 30 sec before the off.

3. Miracle System (win Bet)
Friday: 17.20 Wolverhampton, Eccollo 1st 4/7

Today: 14.20 Ludlow, Down´s Folly

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5. "Best Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
Friday: 15:10 KELSO Prince Adjal 8th 7/2

Today: 15:20 LUDLOW Win A Rose

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

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6. Today's sponsor tip
The Golden Egg Lay Tips

Selection 1: LUDLOW 12.50 Secrets Out
Selection 2: SOUTHWELL 2.10 Reinstated
Selection 3: WOLVERHAMPTON 3.00 Shava
Selection 4: WOLVERHAMPTON 3.30 Wodhill Gold

Please Note: We now have a No Bet rule if the horse is trading at 5/1 or over.
If you have a bank of £500 you divide it by 50 giving you a stake of £10 so your level stake would be £10 on each selection for that week

The Golden Egg Lay Tips

7. Greyhound Selections- Lay System started 07/11/2006.

After playing around with selections I have decided that for the time being this is going to be a lay only test. I think I have worked out a system that will give us quite good prices but I suspect there will have to be a maximum lay price set. I am just not sure what that will be but I am testing between 2.00 and 7.00. I will make every effort to record betfair lay prices as well. The ones marked with an asterisks (*) are from the original and tighter system.
Friday's Results
Walthamstow BAGS, 11.11, Harcourt, Trap 6 * 2nd 5/1
Hall Green BAGS, 11.19, Castle Kayleigh, Trap 3 * 3rd 3/1
Walthamstow BAGS, 11.42, Bellchips Nicole, Trap 6 5th 7/4
Hall Green BAGS, 12.47, Grange Start, Trap 3 3rd 3/1
Hall Green BAGS, 13.04, Killeacle Emer, Trap 2 2nd 9/4
Walthamstow BAGS, 13.12, Layhams Lad, Trap 2 3rd 5/1
Walthamstow BAGS, 13.44, Calzaghe Shearer, Trap 5 4th 1/1
Hall Green BAGS, 13.51, Supreme Athena, Trap 3 * 5th 7/2
Swindon BAGS, 14.08, Dropkick Murphy, Trap 6 * 5th 5/2
Swindon BAGS, 14.27, Vigilant Skye, Trap 5 5th 6/1
Monmore BAGS, 14.57, Slim Girl, Trap 2 * 5th 3/1
Monmore BAGS, 15.38, Cushie Come On, Trap 3 5th 3/1
Swindon BAGS, 16.48, Emmas Fun, Trap 1 3rd 7/2
Swindon BAGS, 17.27, Torpeys Classic, Trap 6 1st 3/1

Friday was actually a very good day with only one loser which was the last selection.

Here are today's.

Swindon BAGS, 12.18, Greencroft Wally, Trap 4
Swindon BAGS, 12.32, Stephanie Guest, Trap 5
Swindon BAGS, 12.47, Larchill Wood, Trap 2
Sheffield BAGS, 12.58, Whirl Beater, Trap 3
Sheffield BAGS, 13.12, Brosnas Image, Trap 5
Sheffield BAGS, 13.27, Stormy Jacko, Trap 6
Sheffield BAGS, 13.44, Lunar Prince, Trap 4
Walthamstow BAGS, 15.38, Rackethall Vieri, Trap 6
Monmore BAGS, 16.08, Tigerinthewoods, Trap 2
Monmore BAGS, 16.27, Dunmahon Control, Trap 1
Monmore BAGS, 17.27, Elderberry Becks, Trap 4
Walthamstow BAGS, 17.33, Ciaras Misty, Trap 6
Monmore BAGS, 17.58, La Galga Abster, Trap 3
Monmore BAGS, 18.11, Shenore, Trap 4

Greyhound Bot 2 has now got the full staking system built in which we have been testing all weekend, so today I am going to set the bot from 2 to 6 again and see what happens!

I am using my latest bot under test called greyhound2

8. Millionaire's Row - Win Selections started 13/11/2006

This is a win system (test) that me and a friend have been working on for some time. Just so you know I let him select every morning so although we created the system together he is the one really refining it.

Points + 10.08

14.10 Ascot: Hawridge Star 2nd 11/8 /Prime Number 3rd 4/1

Today's: 14.20 Ludlow, Fourty Acers/Downs Folly

Use 50/50 if you can make profit whatever the outcome. I am using 1pt on each selection.

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Have a good days racing.


P.S. How about something different...

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This tip is provided FREE and in good faith. It can stop or start at anytime, the sponsor of the tip can change at anytime.

You can use it on your website but all links must be kept in place.
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