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What a day I had yesterday!

If you ended up with several emails then I am really sorry, I couldn't seem to get anything to work, so I am hopping today will be a bit better.

"Alamouna" came in at 11/8 for "Turners Winners Galore", if you were using the staking plan for any reason on this tip, yesterdays win should have more than got you back into profit.

We are going to introduce a new system into "Stop at a Winner" over the next few days called Investment System.

You will need to be able to to watch the racing all day to use it but we have found it to be very profitable.

I know shaun managed to double his bank last month with very few bets.

Following on from....

Lets talk about Horse Racing systems.

There are lots out there!

The first thing to remeber is that for a betting system to give consistant results it will be based around picking favourites, so many of the winners will be short prices.

Some systems out there are so tight they you will get a selection once or twice a week.

abbeyRACING GOLD tends to be a bit like this, but I know Stan is updating it so it produces a few more bets.

Turners Winners Galore produces far more bets but you do get a few more loosers as well.

I must admit this is my favourite system, I know it takes a little while to work out but it's worth it.

Turners Winners Galore doesn't often let me down and because it throws up the odd highere priced win as it did yesterday you can see why I think it is one of the best systems around.

As you know we have also been testing "Turners Winning Ways", this system produces a bet just about every day and produces winners nearly everyday as well.

David has done some final tweaking and expects to launch this a bit later this month.

I will get you a special deal, as you are a reader of this email.

This tip is certainly going to become a part of my daily betting, though it does take a little while to learn.

My Mathematical Formula, is not actualy a betting system but it works using a formula to control your stake.

With a long winning streak it can make you a lot of money, but there are not many system that would give you enough bets, although "Turners Winning Ways" may be a good candidate.

If you can only bet first thing in the morning or just want to start building a bank then systems like these are perfect.

I know some people say betting on short odds is not worth it, but I disagree...

If you are taking the odd chance here and there, when you would not expect to win often then it's not a good plan, but when you are following a system you are more than likely to get a lot more wins and so a consistant profit


You can download my FREE banking plan to see what is atually possible with these systems.

To be continued...

Have a good days racing


Todays tip is from:

My Daily Nap

Race: 7.15 Kempton
Tip 1: Tahreeb

Petardias Magic is one to watch out for.

Betting Forecast: 4/6 Decimal 1.66

Betfair: 1.44.

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Best of Luck


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