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17th October 2005.

Yesterdays Results
Yarqus (Miracle System) came 1st, Enrichetta (Best Lay bet of the Day) came 1st! won on tip 4.
Todays ramblings
Good Morning I hope you had a good weekend.

I have enjoyed writing this article and would be even happier if you managed to use my advice to grow a bank, that meant you could really make some money from horse racing.

Letís have a look at the bigger bank and some strategies you can use to protect it while still growing it.

Firstly do not keep it in the exchanges, this is just a waste, especially as most days you will probably only be risking £300 or £400 of it, at the most I would keep £1000 in my betting account, this goes smaller banks as well.

If you are only playing with a small percentage daily then keep it in an account that you can get interest on, It will probably only be making a small percentage, but this is growth and itís free and anyway why let the betting exchanges earn interest on your money!

If you are betting 1% of your bank then you are looking to make £50.00 plus every time you win (lay), so we certainly do not want to risk the earning power of this bank and we really should be protecting and using it in every way possible.

Letís look at 3 different scenarios for the use of this bank

1) You want to live of your bank.
If you have grown your bank to a size that you can live off then I would speculate that you are probably using more than one tip. You probably have 2 to 3 selections you use a day, you probably stop at a winner but then you may just run a smaller percentage of your bank on each selection.

If you want to give up work and use betting as a way of making a living then you certainly should try to make up 3 to 4 months worth of wages before you give up permanently.

The strategy here is for maximum daily profit, but you should continue to grow your bank as well because you will want to gradually earn more. Look to take out a maximum off 80 to 90% of your profit and only increase your income every couple of months.

You should certainly be looking at other ways of saving money in less risky investments, although interest on savings isnít high it is still free and the more money you have. the more money you get.

2) You want to use your bank for paying for holidays or other luxuries.

This is fine and it is definitely time to start having some fun with your hard earned bank.

There are a couple of things you could do here the first is to just take your winnings out everyday or once a week and put them into a savings account ready for you to use when you feel the urge to buy that 42Ē wide screen.

You could also take out just part of your winnings, this will give you some spending money but increase your bank at the same time, meaning that the amount you can take out will be growing as well.

3) You want to use your bank to build up other investments and savings.

This is what I call a life bank and allows you to use the money you are making to better your life in other ways.

Letís face it if you enjoy your job but still like making money from betting and have managed to build a large bank then why not use this to help create a more secure future.

Take part of your profits to put into a higher interest saving accounts, you should certainly look at adding some to an Index tracker account.

Take some and put it in ISA and other safer accounts, pay of your mortgage or credit cards and build up a pension.

Whatever happens betting is risky and as soon as you feel you are making enough from your bank, you should start to move your into safer places.

Tomorrow... What's the best time to bet?
Cheesey place lays for today.
Wednesday -2.2pts
Thursday +3pts
Saturday +0.8pts
Sunday +5pts

Total +6.6pts
If the SP is over 16/1 it's no lay.
All profit and loss is calculated on SP.

Plumtpon 2.40 Sound Skin
Plumpton 3.40 Sundridge Native (probably too high)
Plumpton 4.10 Stopwatch

You can contact him in the forum -----------------------------------------------------------
Lay at the off.

The rules are:
Lay bet only as close to the off as you can get. Only lay if it's odds at the normal bookies is between 1/2 and 15/8. You can use one of the odd comparison sites for this or the racingPost's own Desktop betting shop.

Todays Selection.
Sorry no selections today.

Have good day's racing.


Miracle System (win Bet)
14.40 Plumpton, Glacial Delight
Place System (on exchanges only)
Zeeba came 1st on Friday making 4 wins in the latest run.
17.30 Windsor, Bold Act
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Lay Bet a Day

4:30 Windsor, Red Rudy

Staking Plan 0.5% to 2% of your bank, we show staking as 1%

Lay Bet a Day

Betting Exchanges

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Best of Luck


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