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Here is your FREE tip for today - 16th June 2004.

Yesterdays Results (friday)
"Oh So Brave" was a one paced horse, which is fine unless there is another horse to out pace you, "Tiquet" (Lay of The Day) was pulled up so that is now 7 wins in a row!

Todays ramblings
Don't forget to visit the forum always plenty of tips and ideas there:

Sorry it's late... one of those mornings for me again, sometimes I just can not seem to keep up.

I haven't been in the forum as much as would have liked lately, but I did have a good look around yesterday and there is some interesting systems flying around...

If you are into laying in a big way then you have to look at:

This is a system apak24 came up with which is pretty darn good. You have to keep an eye on the prices, but both of yesterdays selections lost!

If I have it correct then there are 3 choices today...
2.55 Hamilton
4.20 Ascot
8.35 Worcester

If you want to know more please dont ask me, visit the forum and ask apak24 that's what he is there for.

Thanks apak

I am still concerned with the "Almost Certain Nap" but I think I have a good idea of what is going on, so I am again making changes to the selection process, but I want to try and keep the odds as close to evens as I can.

Have a good day's racing.

o The "Almost certain nap" (one day I will release the system!)
The "Almost certain nap" came up with:
15.55 Southwell, Mission Affirmed, Betting Forecast 9/4

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o Other Bets
Lay of the Day

21.05 Worcester, Vodka Blue, Betfair 3.00

This race is hovering around the 3 mark but could go up as support for Wheredidthemoneygo may happen.

An alternative is:
21.20 Ripon, Kentucky Express, Betfair 2.74

You can purchase the system formula:
Advantages of owning the system:
1) Pick more than one race a day
2) Bet on Saturdays and Sundays (no emails from me on these days)
3) Make a selection later in the day ( normally more choices)

o Todays sponser tip
Turners Winners Galore

Race: 5.15 Ham
Tip1: Silverhay Stake: 50

Early Price:

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Best of Luck


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