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Here is your FREE tip for today.

Here is your FREE tip for today.

"Factor Fifteen",Another second place, I am pulling my hair out here, I will be bald before the end of the week...LOL!

My first order of business today is to make an appology.

It appears in my effort to give you some extra tips I accidentlly posted a selection that was forwarded to me from an actual tipping service.

As I said it was from a new source and one that I should have checked out before giving to you, but you could see the sort of mood I was in yesterday.

Anyway I apologise whole Heartedly to for posting the tips and again reiterate that it was an accident and wont happen again.

You may want to check out their tipping service, I dont know anything about it but the site looks very interesting.

Seems to be my week for challenges....

Secondly I must thankyou for the support you showed yesterday regarding the reader who accused me of loossing him 1000's

It appears the majority of you agree the guy was a "Silly Man" who was probably betting at the bookies across the road from Rovers Return (thanks Glynn").

But seriously please use common sense when using any tips and make sure you have a bank big enough to cope with a loossing streak!

I am still trying to make up my mind what tips I will use in our next bank test.

I have been working on a new racingpost formula with Shaun which is showing a lot of promise, but again we are talking short odds so it will need a staking plan to excell.

As one of the readers mentioned yesterday, is it better to go for long odds ecpecting to get a 20% win rate...

But you can back favourites and end up betting "odds on" most of the time.

I know this is one of the subjects we could debate for a year and still not get anywhere, both systems have their champions.

But I think each system is suited to a different type of gambler...

If you only have the morning to quickly place some tips and a limited bank then I think you should find a system that chases favourites using a staking system.

Is a great example of such a system.

If you are the in the same catagory but have a larger bank to play with then you could use:

You may find the odds slightly better but you will be faced with a longer more losses.

Or where you will have a larger selection of tips to bet on.

If you can bet all day but still have a limited bank, then you have time to watch the odds and use "Investment System" from "Stop at a Winner".

It does not produce many bets a month but it really does return a profit!

If you have a larger bank then you could actually play "Stop at a Winner" which has been returning about 180 pts a month.


If you have a Really large bank and all day to bet you can join them all!

The next bank test we want to really aim at the limited time and resource reader so we will be using a smaller bank of 500pts and using a staking plan, with very few tips.

I am not sure we will be able to double our bank within a month but it will be what we are aiming for.

Don't forget to keep and eye on Davids's "Stop at a winner" this tip is doing exceptionally well.

Have a good days racing.

**Todays tip is from:**

"A new system I am trying out"

Tell you about it if we get some winners!

Race: 3.25 Wolves
Tip: White Hawk,

I would get this one as soon as betting opens it wont stay long at 2/1. The horse is in good form and so is the trainer D R Loader.

Betting Forecast: 2/1 Decimal 3.00

Betfair: 2.24

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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