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Here is your FREE tip for today - 14th December 2004.

Yesterdays Results
Royal Hector (Mircale System) came 3rd, Ashes (Lay Bet a day) came in 1st. came in 6th.
Todays ramblings
Good morning

I got a confession to make, I messed up big time yesterday, I don't know if I was just tired after a hectic weekend or still not awake after rising a bit late, but as I said I messed up.

Firstly the lay bet a day should not have "Ashes", I hear you... but no I am not just saying it because the horse lost(ask around in the forum for anybody who owns the system, they will tell you!).

Secondly because I told you about "Ashes" instead of "Kempsy" in stead of the price fluctuating as I was expecting, it took a dive.

Thirdly I layed "Ashes" set betfair up to back when the odds reached 6.6 , then I had to go out (bad mistake) forgot to just take my loses instead came back to "Ashes" winning and me losing!

One of those days...


Although this email is about horse racing since I have started talking about exchange trading, I have had quite a few people ask me about The Football Cash Generator©, so I got a copy myself, want to know what I thought about it?
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As I mentioned in the review I dont know a thing about football but I found this product really informative.

I also used it to get back some of my loses from the horses on the Fulham V Man U game last night and even watched the match (help), still I made my money before Fulham got the equaliser.


Have a good day's racing.


Miracle System (win Bet)

14.30 Folkstone, Lorient Express
The Readers Tip
Todays's tip comes Gary
2.50 Southwell, Magic Red

Cool Link.

Please note: if you do decide to bet on this tip you do so at your own risk the contributor or myself can not be held responsible for any loses.

As always be careful!

Place System (on exchanges only)
13.30 Folkstone, Hirvine

We have tried to create a system to go along with My Mathematical Formula:
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"Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
13.10 Wolv, Imtalkinggibberish

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 3 systems in 1 so I will post the highest scoring selection here.

You can purchase the system formula:

Advantages of owning the system:

1) Pick more than one race a day
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o Todays sponser tip
Lay Bet a Day

2:30 Folkestone Tip1: Nagano Staking Plan

Under 4/1 (5) = 10 points
Between 4/1 (5) and 6/1(7)= 8 points
over 6/1(7)= 2 point

Betting Exchanges

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Best of Luck


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