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Here is your FREE tip for today.

"Acomb",We are certainly having problems getting a winner this week, this must be our worst loossing streak since I started this newsletter!

I am pretty angry this morning which is unusual for me, but an email sent to me first thing set me off!

"please dont send me anymore tips,ive backed every tip you have sent me and i have lost over one thousand pounds i cant afford to lose again otherwise i will be bankrupt."

Firstly I would assume the guy is lying, or do you bet 1000's on a FREE tip?

If you do then I would seriously ask you to "Stop Now"!

If you have read this newsletter for any length of time you know that I make it clear that you should pick a system or tipster and stick with it.

I change my tips as regular as clockwork just to show you what is available from different sources.

I know sometimes that they may run for a few days and sometimes a week or two if we are testing a new system or tipster.

But you are not getting the whole picture from a few days bets.

If you want to bet on the tip I give you then just use play money, please.

If you like a tip you are being shown then join the tipster or buy the system!

But please dont accuse me of loosing you money, it's upto you what you actually bet, but I give enough advice in this newsletter and on my website that should be able to it sensibly with out loosing your shirt!

It my wife's birthday today and she gave me permission (LOL) to spend just a couple of hours on the computer today so I have to get on.

Here's a couple of other tips I picked up from a new source I am checking out...


I had a 12/1 winner earlier in the week...

If you must bet, 50p each way max....LOL

Don't forget to keep and eye on Davids's "Stop at a winner" this tip is doing exceptionally well.

Have a good days racing.

**Todays tip is from:**

"A new system I am trying out"

Tell you about it if we get some winners!

Race: 3 15 Beverley
Tip: Factor Fifteen

Betting Forecast: 5/2 Decimal 3.50

Betfair: 3.35

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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