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13th October 2005.

Yesterdays Results
Flotta (Miracle System) came 1st, Dont Ask Me (Best Lay bet of the Day) came 2nd! won
Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

Nice to see the Miracle System had a winner, yeserday.

As you can probably imagine I get quite a few emails from people everyday asking question about different aspects of horse racing, 99% of these are normal request and questions but every once in a while I get asked or informed that this person needs to make some money quick and wants to do it on the horses, even going as far as loaning big chunks of money to bet with!

The thing that worries me about these people is that they are so desperate to win some money, that they are likely to make a big mistakes and lose most of it, if not all.

There is no doubt you can make money from horse racing but I think it is a craft that needs to be learned, just like stocks and shares or commodity dealing, selling and buying houses or running a business, unless you are very lucky, organised and stick to your plan, you are going to have some bad days.

Those bad days and how you deal with them are going to determine what happens to your bank.

Take today.

I have very few selections to use so do I:

a) Just do something else.
b) Go to a backup selection
c) Ask around for a good tip
d) Just look around for a possible tip, just so I can bet.

If I am not totally hooked on horse racing then I do (a), which I am likely to do, although I am testing the latest version of Bet-pal, so I will be running that anyway.

I have also being doing this long enough to have several good systems I can turn to which I know work because although I donít use them, I continue to paper trade them.

I certainly wonít ask around, there are some tested system in the forum, which I could turn to instead, but again I could catch one a bad day.

Although I could argue that with my experience at creating systems a glance through todayís meetings would probably give me 2 or 3 selections that would be worth taking a chance on, this is defiantly a no for me, but this is one that catches a lot of people out!

Itís clear (a) or at a stretch (b) but (c) and (d) are a definite no go zone for me and should be for you. I have already mentioned that I expect to only have around 200 Ė 240 betting days a year, today is one that I donít get to use.

Steps to building a big bank.

1) Know your tips, donít use any tips you are not sure about.
2) Go for slow regular growth 0.5% - 2% a day
3) Have a plan for when you lose
4) Have a goal for how large you want your bank to be.
5) Plan for only 200 Ė 240 betting days a year.
6) Test other selections that you can use with or instead of your current tips.
7) If you lose (which you will), donít panic step back and think, work your plan.

One more thing have a day off now and then, donít get hooked on gambling, try to see it as a high risk investment opportunity which just happens to be on the outcome of a race. If your hooked then you have a problem that will not only lead to mistakes, but make your life a misery because of them.

I am a system player (good or bad) and I use pointers from past results to give me daily selections, I donít get involved in the hype and crap that surrounds this sport, and I certainly donít listen to professional tipsters (just look at the naps table at the racing post), I test plan, test plan, test plan!

TomorrowÖ whatís happens if your bank does grow to over 5K

Cheesey from the forum ask if he could show you his place lays.

He runs PAN LAYS (no website yet) he is a former sports and racing journalist and a former jockeys agent and a racehorse owner.

You can contact him in the forum

If the SP is over 16/1 it's no lay. All profit and loss is calculated on SP.

One too high, one non runner and the other three placed just confirms that.
My calculations show a loss of 2.2pts on the day.
However, selections on all racing for the place lays showed a healthy 3.5pts overall thanks to five from five in Ireland, but that's no use to your newsletter subscribers as I am only supplying NH.
I could supply all selections but there were 10 yesterday and I feel that would be too many.

On with today then
Yesterday -2.2pts

Ludlow 4.30 Free Gift
Ludlow 5.05 Piran
Tramore 5.0 Desert Kite
Tramore 5.30 Braveheart Bonny (check price)

Remember these are (Place) Lays.

I have also had a request to show the just before the off lay tips.

The rules are:
Lay bet only as close to the off as you can get. Only lay if it's odds at the normal bookies is between 1/2 and 15/8. You can use one of the odd comparison sites for this or the racingPost's own Desktop betting shop.

Todays Selection.
4:40 Southwell Tip1: Bold phoenix

Have good day's racing and a great weekend.


Miracle System (win Bet)
15.55 Ludlow, Miss Shakira
Place System (on exchanges only)
3 wins in the latest run.
No Selection Today
We have tried to create a system to go along with My Mathematical Formula:
If you want to see how we created the system then plese look here:
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"Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
17.05 Ludlow, Piran (V3 Jump Selections)

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

Advantages of owning the system:

1) Pick more than one race a day
2) Bet on Saturdays and Sundays (no emails from me on these days)
3) Make a selection later in the day (normally more choices)
4) Password protected forum so you can talk to other owners.
5) UK or IRE races
6) Bonus Systems and regular updates.
7) Now on V4
8) 3 systems, 1 for flat 2 for Jump/Chase
9) Owners last got an update 22/07/2005
10) Now includes Lay Place System.
11) Now includes AW System
12) Now includes the Investment System
If you own your own website you can makes some money by promoting the "Lay Betting System"


You can also have this tip delivered as content to your own website...
o Todays sponser tip (lay Tips)

As at 8 o'clock this morning the following horses were identified as within Bismarx range.
Watch for market changes before the race.
Exercise caution at odds over 2.8 or where non-runner's have left less than 5 runner's in a race.
Generally do not lay when wide odds disparity (3.0+) has emerged between the Favourite and the other runner's.
Quit when your profit target has been reached.
Prepare for liability in advance - always plan your next move first.

14.45 Lud REDSPIN @2.8
15.20 Ludl VALANCE @2.8
15.55 Lud MISS SHAKIRA @2.7
17.05 Lud PARARAAZI @2.8
17.20 Tram BARNA BAY @1.9


Betting Exchanges

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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