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Here is your FREE tip for today - 13th April 2004.

Yesterdays Results
"Master Marvel" came in 1st and "Stakhanovite" lost so my lay bet was succesfull again thats 5 in a row by the way!

Todays ramblings
Don't forget to visit the forum always plenty of tips and ideas there:

I hope you had a good bank holiday, the weather wasn't to bad here so I spent a lot of it in the garden.

I have been reading a book on and off for a while called "Betting for a Living" by Nick Mordin which is full of very interesting facts.

One of them that caught my eye was about horses that run with Blinkers for the first time and how it affects the horse.

The idea behind Blinkers is that it restricts the horse's vision making it more apprehensive and so (according to the theory) should make the horse run quicker and so win!

It appears that if the horse is going in a straight line, down a short course, in a small field that this may actually work as the horse tends to be so frightened, that it just goes for it (cruel if you ask me).

But what about a long race, large field and around a bend?

The figures that Mordin put's forward shows that horses that wear blinkers for the first time in this type of race only win 6.9% of the time.

Mordin has come up with a few ideas why this happens, but the reason I mention it is that I spotted this race...

14.30 Chepstow, Ilabon

Ilabon is the favourite by far and the drop in grade should make it an easy task, but the horse is wearing Binkers for the first time in a field of 16 runners around a 2m course!

I think I will watch this race with interest.

Have a good day's racing.

o The "Almost certain nap" (one day I will release the system!)
The "Almost certain nap" came up with:
17.00 Exeter, 5/4 Kingston-Banker, Betting Forecast 10/11

I have been working with someone on a new system and would like to try it here for a while.

We will call it the "Miracle System" for now, see what you think over the coming weeks.

3.50 Exeter, Polar Red

What do you think?

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o Other Bets
My "Lay" bet from a new system I am working on.
16.00 Newmarket, Scientist, Betfair 3.4 ( a little better odds than I would normally like to lay).

o Todays sponser tip
Turners Winners Galore

Race: 2.30 Chep
Tip1: Ilabon Stake: 50

Early Price:

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Best of Luck


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