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12th June 2006.

Yesterdays Results
Endiamo (Miracle System) came 4th, JTaranaki (best lay of the day) came 3rd!

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

I have been staring at this email for over 10 minutes trying to decide what to write about this morning!

I know there should be a lot to talk about and there probably is but this morning I can not get it out.

I will say I am glad to "Nags to Riches" has picked back up and I do not see any reason to change the system at the moment. There are always going to be losers and as long as there are enough winners to make it up it should make money.

So today I will make an effort to get that finished today so that my chosen testers can start confirming the selections for the rest of the month.

Anyway sorry this is short today I will try to make it up to you tomorrow!

If you have something you wish me to discuss with other readers why not drop me a line, remember this email is for you!


Is Racing Changing?

Yesterday I ask this question about the number of runners in a race here is and interesting reply I got from regular reader.

As horse racing is now going further afield to places like South Africa and Dubai the Owners of horses that normally run in these countries now have the opportunity to run then here. The owners of horse in this country go to places like Dubai after all.

Also if you notice the prize money for racing is now beginning to make an improvement. I remember some years ago the Mactoums ( hope the spellings right) were set to leave Newmarket because the prize money for races was just not worth the bother, as an example would you go through all the effort of applying for a licence from the course, hiring a jockey to ride then getting a vet to look after the horse ect ect just for 3,000 in prize money??
Just to stable a horse is hundreds of pounds per week. So,as you can imagine racing went through a bit of a rough time.

Luckily the prize moeny has began to rise so more owners now see it as a viable way of increasing revenue. Add to the fact big business is getting involved with perks for the MD to smooze clients with Corporate dinners ect and you can see it is going mainstream.

There has also been a rise lately of syndicates that each member pays for a share of the horse, Equine Investments come to mind on this one.

Now with the advent of Betfair among others Horse racing has become big business with vast amounts of money available. Notice i said Business as this is now what it is, no longer is it seen as the domain of "back-street bookie" and thier "sleazy" clients.

As for Good or Bad??. Obviously very good (and lucrative) for the owner of the winner and good for business (betfair ect).
But one interesting point if i may, with more horses running in a race does that not make it more difficult for any Win systems or tipsters to judge the race??, this would the the Bad.
Therefore i would have thought it makes it much easier for the layer to profit from bigger fields.

"Hmmm" Needs more thought.

Anyone else have an opinion about this?


New (test) Lay System...
Just something I am looking at.

Catbang came 8th on Friday
W = 30
L = 2

15.30 Newton Abbot, Pseudonym


Question of the day.
Q. Who would you say had the ratings with the best strike rate....... would it be Adrian Massey, The Racing Post or a particular Daily newspaper.

A. I had this reply from Anthony

In reply to today's question, I never look at the strike rate in isolation, but always in conjunction with the average SP.
Tipsters like Dead Cert (as the name implies) or Alan Keyte have traditionally high strike rates but usually odds-on chances.

When I am evaluating a tipster, I follow his tips on a level-stake weekly basis, noting the total at the end of the week.
I thus calculate the strike rate in terms of winning weeks against losing weeks.

For the record, my preferred newspaper tipster is Formcast of the Daily Mail, who maintains a strike rate of around 60% (in terms of winning weeks) thanks to one or two good-priced winners each week.

If you would like me to answer a question here then please email me.


Have good day's racing.


Miracle System (win Bet)
16.00 Newton Abbot, Paro


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