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Here is your FREE tip for today.

"Lirfox" won, now giving us only 1 loss is 9 days now.

I had some great feedback about "Stop at a Winner" yesterday which really helped us.

One of the biggest problem you have, is the time needed to watch the races.

I can understand this because even I have problems some days, so we are looking at ways we can help in this area, I am going to email as many online bookies as I can to see if I can find some that can arrange it.

We do know that you can walk into a street bookie and place all the bets writing "Stop at a Winner" at the bottom.

And one of our new members found out that some bookies will take the 6 bets as a "Stop at a Winner" over the phone, William Hill being one.

One of the other concerns was how much you could lose in one complete losing day.

I haven't got an answer to this, except to say Horse Racing is a gamble no matter how you play it, otherwise we would all be very rich with in a few weeks.

But I can say that we have only had one losing day in 3 months but in that time we have made far more.

I am going to talk to shaun about a guarantee for the members, I will get back to you on that.

Because of the feedback I received yesterday I thought it would be nice to get some more.

So lets start a new series called "How to pick a winner"

I am sure you will have your own idea about what you should and shouldn't do when picking horses.

Well I want to hear about them!

I dont plan to post one everyday, just a few times a week.

I will start you off today with...

Its easier to pick a winner from smaller races. Stick to ones with less than 10 runners.

So come on send me in your suggestions, I will think up a prize for the best one monthly..

We will carry on with "Turners Winning Way's" for a few more days, well it makes my list of wins look good!

Todays tip is from:

"Turners Winning Way's" No web site yet.

Race: 7.45 Uttox
Tip: Samon

Tiped by 12 tipsters, and ridden by Mr Mcoy...Hmm that's a repeat of yesterday.

Betting Forecast: 1/7 Decimal: 1.14

Betfair: 1.18

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Best of Luck


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