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11th December 2006

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

I hope you had a good weekend, the weather wasn't to good where we are, so we had a relaxing weekend.

I have been really pleased with the change in results on the place system (3). We had 5 out of 6 winners on Friday and all above 2.00 in the morning. If this keeps up it could turn into a very good system but only time will tell.

If you are a subscriber of Greyhound Bot then the Grey Horse bot is now available in the members area to download.

After some discussions with Teik my main programmer we have decided that we will now incorporate the original Greyhound bot into the new Grey Horse bot. This will save on the confusion of having two bots, we expect to have the update ready and tested by the end of this week.

Don't forget you can use the new Grey Horse bot with the greyhound selections (8) printed later in this email, and the screen shots I have been using are from this bot.

If you have been following the greyhound lay selections (8) then hopefully you have learned some important lessons. Although the time scale is shorter than I would normally like, it does show how you can start with an idea for selecting runners and then turn it in to a full system to test.

We originally started out with a back and win system. After a while we realised that we had the makings of a very good lay system. I tweaked the way we chose selections in order to give us a little more choice and we started to watch the prices.

After testing we found a good price range of up to 7.0 which seems to give us enough selections daily to make a profit.

It soon became obvious that there was potential to make a profit based on a staking plan, that spread our risk over several races. Which is when I came up with the name "The rule of 3" and we have been testing the staking plan ever since.

As I said earlier we have come to these conclusions quite quickly and we don't know what the longer term prospects for the system will be.

Also the results and staking plan are based on my style of betting, there are readers who will not agree with my conclusions and a number of things about the selections could put them off using them.

1. The price range
2. The staking Plan
3. Level Stakes profit.
4. The number of selections.

We will go over these in the next few days and look at the arguments for and against.

In the meantime for those of you who do subscribe to the Grey Horse bot, here are the settings I use.

2. Guest Selection - started 23-10-2006
These are lay test selections from Thomas.
NO BET if odds above 9.00 at Betfair

Friday's (08 Dec 2006)
Chel 1245 - Glenfolan - 3rd - SP 7/1 - Betfair 9.00 - won
Sout 1310 - Asaateel - 3rd - SP 10/1 - Betfair 14.5 - no bet
Chel 1320 - No Full - 8th - SP 8/1 - Betfair 13.0 - no bet
Chel 1355 - Plum'Tee - 2nd - SP 9/2 - Betfair 5.70 - won
Wolv 1445 - Primarily - NR
Kemp 1515 - Lost All Alone - 7th - SP 6/1 - Betfair 8.00 - won
Kemp 1550 - Kilgary - 2nd - SP 11/1 - Betfair 17.0 - no bet
Wolv 1555 - She's Our Beauty - 7th - SP 11/1 - Betfair 17.5 - no bet
Sorry I forget to put Friday's in.

Here are today's (11 Dec 2006)
Plum 1445 - Monsieur Georges
Plum 1520 - Safin

Thomas is recording all Betfair prices 30 sec before the off.

3. Place System (win Bet) - Started 20-11-2006
This is an Betting Exchange only place system you can see the results so far here. Prices are a snapshot from the morning between 8 -9.
Points since we started + 7.15.

12.00 Southwell, Bright Eagle EP 3.15 (3 places) 2nd
12.10 Cheltenham, Aces Four EP 2.54 (2 places) 2nd
13.00 Wolverhampton, Social Rhythm EP 2.38 (3 places) 2nd
13.35 Wolverhampton, Leonard Charles, EP 2.28 (3 places) 1st
14.10 Wolverhampton, Atlantic Quest, EP 2.20 (3 places) 2nd
15.15 Kempton, Lost All Alone, EP 2.9 (3 places) 7th
Another good day on Friday.

12.40 Plumpton, Classic Dream, EP 2.14 (3 places)
13.45 Plumpton, Ibberton, EP 2.34 (3 places)
14.15 Plumpton, Precious Bane, EP 2.32 (3 places)
13.35 Wolverhampton, Wibbadune,, EP 3.65 (2 places)
15.10 Wolverhampton, Gaelic Princess, EP 2.18 (3 places)

4. Miracle System (win Bet)
12:10, Cheltenham, Standin Obligation 3rd

Today: 15:10, Wolverhampton, Happy As Larry

You can purchase this system here:
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6. "Best Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
13:10 Southwell, Grey Samurai 1st 85/40

Today: 13:55 Ayr, Duke Orsino

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

The Lay Betting SystemAdvantages of owning the system:

1) Pick more than one race a day
2) Make a selection later in the day (normally more choices)
3) Password protected forum so you can talk to other owners.
4) UK or IRE races
5) Bonus Systems and regular updates.
6) Now on V4
7) 3 systems, 1 for flat 2 for Jump/Chase
8) Owners get free updates
9) Now includes Lay Place System.
10) Now includes AW System
11) Now includes the Investment System
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7. Today's sponsor tip
The Golden Egg Lay Tips

Here are the selections for Monday... Remember if trading above 5/1 (Betfair 6.0) then no bet...

Selection 1: Plumpton 2.15 Dads Lad
Selection 2: Plumpton 3.20 Krasivis Boy
Please Note: We now have a No Bet rule if the horse is trading at 5/1 or over.

If you have a bank of £500 you divide it by 50 giving you a stake of £10.

The Golden Egg Lay Tips

8. Greyhound Selections- Lay System started 07/11/2006.

After playing around with selections I have decided that for the time being this is going to be a lay only test. I think I have worked out a system that will give us quite good prices but I suspect there will have to be a maximum lay price set. I am just not sure what that will be but I am testing between 2.00 and 7.00. I will make every effort to record betfair lay prices as well. The ones marked with an asterisks (*) are from the original and tighter system.
You can see all the results since the 14th (when I introduced the latest selection method) here. I am now using what I call the "rule of 3", this means we go for 3 wins and use a 3 race scratch back to get back any losses.

Hall Green BAGS, 11.03, Slaneyside Ceili, Trap 3 3rd 5/1
Hall Green BAGS, 11.34, Garnagully Phil, Trap 5 1st 5/1
Hall Green BAGS, 13.04, Tullymurry Wish, Trap 4 3rd 5/2
Swindon BAGS, 14.08, Tourna Kyle, Trap 6 3rd 7/2
Monmore BAGS, 14.37, Montys Journey, Trap 3 1st 3/1
Swindon BAGS, 14.47, Delius Moon, Trap 3 4th 11/4
Swindon BAGS, 15.07, Swift General, Trap 6(*) 5th 7/2
Monmore BAGS, 15.38, Coolavanny Joy, Trap 3 5th 7/2
Swindon BAGS, 15.48, Plenty Spice, Trap 6 4th 3/1
Swindon BAGS, 16.08, Westgate Joel, Trap 3 1st 3/1
Monmore BAGS, 16.18, Nancys Mentor, Trap 5 2nd 7/4
Swindon BAGS, 16.48, Houston Robin, Trap 2(*) 2nd 7/2
Swindon BAGS, 17.07, Low Fare, Trap 3 5th 4/1
Swindon BAGS, 17.44, Torpeys Dream, Trap 2 3rd 4/1
Swindon BAGS, 17.58, Swift Nessie, Trap 4 1st 4/1

You can see(click Here) that the "Rule of 3" worked fine again on Friday in fact because I had two winners at the start it only took another 2 to get my daily 6.00 profit. Click Here to see all prices.

Here are today's.
Sheffield BAGS, 11.11, Emmets Yankee, Trap 5
Sheffield BAGS, 11.28, Oi Zuki, Trap 1
Sheffield BAGS, 13.12, Russanda Ria, Trap 2(*)
Sheffield BAGS, 13.27, Magna Mia, Trap 3
Swindon BAGS, 13.33, Coleview Sherry, Trap 5
Sheffield BAGS, 13.44, Maggies Flyer, Trap 5(*)
Swindon BAGS, 13.51, Woodman Knacka, Trap 6
Monmore BAGS, 14.08, Elderberry Figo, Trap 2
Monmore BAGS, 14.27, Falkners Bluey, Trap 6
Monmore BAGS, 14.47, Borna Fence, Trap 3
Monmore BAGS, 15.28, Breeze Hill Juli, Trap 3
Monmore BAGS, 15.48, Mosi Oa Tunya, Trap 1(*)
Monmore BAGS, 16.08, Lift Up Teddy, Trap 1
Monmore BAGS, 16.27, Shelbourne Rich, Trap 1
Monmore BAGS, 17.07, Kilpipe Whisper, Trap 5
Monmore BAGS, 17.27, Corleones Flash, Trap 1
Monmore BAGS, 17.44, Packa Skips, Trap 1
Monmore BAGS, 17.58, Buzzin Daisy, Trap 1

I set the Grey Horse bot price range from 1 -7.

9. Millionaire's Row - Win Selections started 13/11/2006

This is a win system (test) that me and a friend have been working on for some time. Just so you know I let him select every morning so although we created the system together he is the one really refining it. Click Here to see the results so far.

Points + 5.56

17.20 Kemp: Cesc 1st 4/9 /Alittlebitleft 2nd 2/1

Today.13.35 Wolverhampton, Scarlett Heart/Mujart

Use 50/50 if you can make profit whatever the outcome. I am using 1pt on each selection.

10. New - Win Selections started 07/11/2006

This is a new win system that John from Luv2Lose has asked me to show you. He expects the price to drop all the way to the off with these and the idea is to get the best price above odds-on as you can. The verdict is still out on whether to take selections that are below evens.
Points: -2.1
Cheltenham 12.10 STANDIN OBLIGATION (EP 1.31 2 places) 1.7 3rd
Wolverhampton 13.00 SHUSTRAYA (EP 1.36 3 places) 2.82 1st 10/11
Wolverhampton 14.45 ONE WAY TICKET (EP 1.33 3 places)2.66 3rd 15/8
Kempton 15.15 FEELIN FOXY (EP 1.08 3 places) 1.53 3rd 1st eve
Kempton 16.20 ALPINE REEL (EP 1.38 3 places) 2.8 1st 10/11
Kempton 16.50 SUMMER DANCER (EP 1.327 2 places) 1.96 1st 8/13
A lot better day on Friday 4 wins out of 5. I am not going to worry about place for a while, although the higher priced selections could be considered.

Prices taken at 8.30am
Ayr 12.20 THE ABBOTS HABIT 1.94
Plumpton 14.15 ZIMBABWE 3.00
Wolverhampton 15.40 FLYINGIT 3.7

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Have a good days racing.


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This tip is provided FREE and in good faith. It can stop or start at anytime, the sponsor of the tip can change at anytime.

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