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10th July 2006.

Yesterdays Results
Golden Balls (Miracle System) came 3rd, Baby Barry (Best Lay bet of the Day) came 2nd.

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

I was working on the manual for my new greyhound software over the weekend, the test are going really well for this at the moment and I have even written a 1 month plan to follow exactly what I am doing so hopefully anyone else using it, will get the same results.

Because there is limited money available on greyhounds at betfair when I release the software it is going to be to a limited number of people, and those on my greyhound list will get contacted first.


"The Deadly sins of Gambling"
I had a lot of emails about this on Friday which proves to me this is a subject we really need to revisit.

These sins are the ones that prevent you making money and on many occasions help you lose your bank completely.

My favourite and one I know I probably go on about quite a bit and is the one I will start with.

"The Gambling Sin of impatience"

Impatience is a major problem among people who gamble, it is probably intertwined with greed as well, but lets see if we can spot when you are being impatient.

1. you get a new system and don't read the whole thing all the way through.

2. You don't paper test (new tips).

3. You stake to much to soon (greed as well)

4. You have a couple of losers then bail out (should have paper tested)

5. You don't stop you go for that "One more Win"

6. You don't write out a plan to follow.

Do you recognise any of these?

There are probably more but these are the main ones.

Here is a classical example of impatience...

You have a start of 200 bank and your being told to just try and make 1% of your bank a day for few years.

How many of you have carried this through for more than a month?

I bet it isn't many, but look at this.

If you take your 200 bank and win 1% everyday for around 240 days a year after 1 year it will be worth aprox 3000.
After 2 years 46,000
After 3 years 733,000

Ok I know that the stakes will be getting a bit silly in the 3rd year but the point is that just after a couple of years you could be making your 50, 100 or 150 a day which I know most of you would like, but I am afraid impatience gets to you long before this happens.


Because you know that if you make a little more now then that 2 years will get here a bit quicker, unfortunately it won't because when you take the extra risk through impatience, you will end up losing.

This game is all about risk, so you have to avoid giving yourself extra by taking unnecessary chances, impatience will not help you.

More tomorrow....


Ok after some more work on the "Mother of all lay systems" selections we have decided that the maximum price to lay at is 7.00 on the exchanges.

18.50 Haydock, Celtic Thunder, (13 on exchange)
19.40 Beverley, Jubilee Street (5.6 on exchange)

Sorry no selections today. ----


New (test) Lay System..."Nags to Riches"
Lost on both selections Friday.

W = 44
L = 9

Normal system
16:30 Musselburgh, Plateau

New system
19:05 Windsor, Woodcote Place



Miracle System (win Bet)
15.15 Sandford, Golden Balls


This simple to follow, easy to learn system that often has an amazing 8, 10, 12 winers in a row!
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"Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
21:05 WINDSOR, Hammer Of The Gods (V4 Flat)

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

Advantages of owning the system:

1) Pick more than one race a day
2) Make a selection later in the day (normally more choices)
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6) Now on V4
7) 3 systems, 1 for flat 2 for Jump/Chase
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9) Now includes Lay Place System.
10) Now includes AW System
11) Now includes the Investment System
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o Todays sponser tip
Laying for Profit UK

Bath 3.15 Tip1: Fleeting Memory
Musselburgh 4.00 Tip2: Sawwaah
Musselburgh 5.30 Tip3: Montillia

suggested banking plan:
If we say that 1 pt = 50 or 1/40 of your bank then:
If the odds are up to 3/1 then bet 1.00pt
From 3/1 to 7/1 bet 0.5pt
If over 7/1 then bet 0.25pts

Laying for Profit UK

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Best of Luck


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