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Here is your FREE tip for today - 10th May 2004.

Yesterdays Results
Friday results: "Systematic" came in first at 5/2 "Moscow Music" won as did "Cenkos" the Saturday Miracle System tip. The "Lay" tip let us down again, but i am just working on that some more.

Todays ramblings
Don't forget to visit the forum always plenty of tips and ideas there:

If you have been in the forum then you know some of the good work that apak24 has done and how eager he is to answer your questions.

He has also been responsible for the setting up and running of several competitions.

Enough of the praise....

I just wanted to thank him for his work by letting you know about a new tipping service he and a friend has set up.

There is a trial service and a paid service and they cover Greyhound racing as well.

So here it is again.

It was difficult to find a good "Lay" bet today, I prefer races with over 8 runners but there were not any that fell into the right odds range.

I have'nt been keeping up to date with how well the "almost certain nap" has been doing. It shares a bank with several other systems that I am trying out (not a good idea), so if you have been keeping tabs can you let me know if it is making you money which I am sure it?

Have a good day's racing.

o The "Almost certain nap" (one day I will release the system!)
The "Almost certain nap" came up with:
18.00 Towcester, Sol Music, Betting Forecast 6/4

I have been working with someone on a new system and would like to try it here for a while.

We will call it the "Miracle System" for now, see what you think over the coming weeks.

5.45 Wind, Blue Dakota

What do you think?

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o Other Bets
My "Lay" bet from a new system I am working on.
18.30 Towcester, Port Moreno, Betfair 2.36

o Todays sponser tip
David Turners - Stop at a Winner

##Stop at a Winner/Naps##
4.10 Wolv: Daring Affair
5.45 Wind: Blue Dakota
7.30 Towc: Mr Snowman

Early Price:

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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